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Kata Kata Cartoon — November 01, 2017

14 November 2017

Kata Kata Cartoon  - November 01, 2017

Kata Kata Cartoon — November 01, 2017
English | 40 pages | True PDF | 11.0 MB

CARTOONS: Kata Kata Village Celebrates The Universal Children’s Day
HEALTH: Bright Smile: The Importance Of Oral Health
FASHION: African Prints: The Next World Fashion Trends
BEAUTY: High Energy Smoothie Recipes To Get You Through The Work Week
INTERIOR: Artwork As An African Decor
TECHNOLOGY: Positive Impact Of Technology On Healthcare
LITERARY CORNER: Movies, books, poems
KIDS: How To Potty Train A Puppy
DESTINATIONS: Museums In Africa For Kids
FOODS: Beef Steak With Salad
LETTERS: Dear Aunt Silvia

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